exoshidae land ∞
Tuesday, 29 May 2012 | 01:51 | 0 comments

Hey you. You. You. You are horrible. It really hurts you know. I loved you. But you treat me like a dog. I'm tired and sick of this. So, I think we have to end this thing. I wanna break with you. You are nothin' to me now. You just a normal guy with no love. You just a fvckin playboy again. And I don't wanna see you forever. You're so different. I don't know you. I want the old you. If you don't love me anymore, just said it to me. It won't make me very sad and weak if you told me first.

I love my ex than you, okay. He is much better. He treats me nicely, he loves me and he don't wanna lose me. Not like you. You're such a bad guy who doesn't have a heart, don't care somebody's feeling. YOU ARE BASTARD ! I hate you. I hate you and I hate you so much. I promise I 'll not talking with you or smilinng or look at you. Now, I'm a Lonely Master.