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 Hellooo to yah!
Tuesday, 6 November 2012 | 23:33 | 0 comments

Assalamualaikum and good afternoon shiny readers! Well hello to yah. Yeah I RID MYSELF lately. Muwahahaha I'm so busy with my sch, HELL. Yknow what ALL form one students have this stupid damn things called PBS D:< Okay everyone hate it including meehh. So I'm a busy girl :p

What about my other account? They're still alive still breathing. Hahaha sorry to my blog. I never check it *playing with my tounge* Too many things happened okay. It's about my enemy, crush and boyfriends. UGH STUPID THINGS HAPPENED OKAY!!

Recently, I went to Alamanda with my friends yknow HANGOUT. Then I saw my ex boyfriend at Pizza Hut. On external, I acted coool~ But inside, feels like : HELL WHY'S HE HERE! GOD DAMN IT SHIT! WHAT AM I GOING TO DO???!!!??!!! Hahahaha I love that feeling. I'm doing my work clumsily that time. STEWPID.

After I reached home, he told me that he miss me very much much and much. He loved me. He cared about me. Never forget about me. I feel like ugh why why why dear? Come one, there's too many girls out there. Don't chase me. He won't give up. He still with his stance. Okay whatever I said.

Since that day, I can't stop thinking about him. Oh god, wth is happen to me. Then we DM each other and he decided to be mine. Okay I accepted him. Huuuhhhh~ He promised me that he won't hurt me. I hope so :\