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Thursday, 26 July 2012 | 02:21 | 0 comments
Assalamualaikum + salam Ramadhan semua :3 Weeeww, lama nya aku tak update blog. Well, it's about my honey bunny, pengarang jantung hati :B He may looks weird and not handsome at all, but in my eyes, he looks perfect and special♥ His name is, naaahhh, can't tell lah :x Promise me you'll not leave me.

Maybe dia suka reply text aku lambat nak mampus nak masuk kubur, dia still baik. Dia still caring sharing. Dia still loving loving. Aaaaahh, nikmatnya duniaa :3 What? About the past? The guy who was hurting me? OH THAT GUY. I still remember. But, I don't mind about him anymore. Buatlah apa kau nak. Aku tak kesah. Lagipung, kau sapa untuk aku enn? Aku sapa nak larang kau buat apa apa? Aku tak heran lah weyh. Kau ada kat depan mata aku ke, ternampak kau ke, takdanya aku nak cair dah. Because, I have someone that really care for me. Not like you. Always sombong sombong sombong. Like a boss :p 

So, maybe I can keep my relationship with him about 1 year at least? I hope so lah. But there's a stupid pity loopy girl that disturb my future husband lah. Her name is, naaahhh can't tell lah. Bitch, he hates you. Very much hates. Don't you understand? You wanna be his friend at least? Over my dead bodeeeyyyhh! He hates you, you know, HATES YOU! So, backoff and continue with your life. Never ever ever disturb disturb our *housesteps.
If not aaahhh, your last word after you die in my arms. *gelak jahat gila kungkang kunngkang* Goodbye!

This single star '*' just translate to malay okay :B