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 You ruined my day.
Saturday, 11 August 2012 | 02:43 | 0 comments
Assalamualaikum. Everything's gone. Already gone. He's gone. He's not half of my life anymore. You know what I mean? I love you so much. But I don't know why the 'love' things progressively disappear. Beacause! Of you. You didn't text me about a month! And you know what happen? I'm crying for all night. I'm waiting for your text. I'm waiting for your 'cakk' or 'hii' text. But it exactly not happen. I give you a message in Facebook. You replied, "Sorry dear. I don't have credits." , "You, I takda credits lagi." , "Nabila, I don't have any credits yet." Pergi bawak matilah 'I don't have credits' kau tu. Tak logic dear you. About a month. You're not fullfill your topup? Wow, such a very good boy.

Then, bila aku text kau, mukadimah konon konon nak break ngan kau, barulah ada credit. Bodohnya woi. Seems like you gets boring when texting  with me. What else? I give you my love. I help you achieve your dream to be my boyfriend. You got everything. Unfortunately, you're not use it properly. You ignore me. You treat me like a normal person. You never want to plan that you wanna hangout with me. It hurts me. So hurt. Please stop this so damn stupid nonsense game. FYI, I hate this game so much. Kau yang beria-ria sangat nak couple dengan aku. Then, you ignore me. Wheeww, such a lovely boy.

Yesterday, was the worst day ever. It's our farewell day. You didn't reply my DM. That's mean you agree with my words. You have awek already? Tell me. Tell me first! You're a nut. We can be a friend. Not a friend that spend all time. But friend and we're enemies. It's called frienemies. Yeah. So, last word before break up is my DM. Goodbye little boy. *lambai dia guna sapu tangan ala ala princess :p*